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News from April to June 2013



June 26

On Wednesday June 26 Pete, Bog, Kay, Edward and Carol, along with Andrew and Andrew returned to Tip Wood and moved the remaining surface rubbish to Andrew's trailer.  The job of piling everything onto Andrew's trailer was less onerous than it would have been two years ago thanks to the work of metal thieves, plus the activities of some person unknown who has thrown things back down the hole.  Unexpectedly it  still took us the best part of a day and there were times when I wished I had sought volunteers more widely, but then there wouldn't have been enough cakes to go round.  Sadly some of the things back down the hole are the heavy items like cookers.

The people pictures in the Photo Gallery show cake and scrap fun plus a few that show what rubbish looks like when it has disappeared.  The final picture shows the dry valley beneath which must lie the cave that takes the water from Hell Hole and Whitewell Cave.   The feature picture above shows Kay enjoying one of the cakes.


June 22

June 14  saw the start of the restoration of Clapham Bottoms Pot. 

By the end of the Day 2, June 21 a team had brought the most significant part of the blockage to the surface and the hanger for the second pitch is clearly visible.  The way on before the collapse was to go deeper than where we can currently stand but rather than dig out another 6 feet of clay and rocks we will enlarge the rift and gain access to the second pitch more directly.  At that point we will install the now standard pipe to prevent any further collapse.

See Pete's Youtube for Day 1 - even gets a mention of John Cooper -  and the the Photogallery link for some pictures from yesterday (interesting how it's always photogenic Edward who likes his picture being taken).

June 10